01: What is “Lethal Honor: Essence”?

Hello agents! Welcome to the first post about “Lethal Honor: Essence” video game development.

My name is Carlos Rubiales and I am the Lead Game Designer & Lead Game Programmer. I’ve been developing video games for 8 years now, mostly minigames and interactives for malls. I am a Unity certified developer since 2016, and I’ve been using this Game Engine for more than 5 years ­čśë

Well. about “Lethal Honor: Essence”. What is LH:E?

For starters… Lethal Honor is the achievement of my lifelong dream: to become a video game developer and tell the world the story I’ve been working for almost 20 years.

Lethal Honor is MUCH, MUCH more than a video game. It’s an universe, a story that has been in the making since I was 13 years old. And I am 33 right now!! It spans dozens of stories, hundreds of characters, arcs, present, past, future, other planes of existence… But WHAT is it?

Lethal Honor is based on a version of the real world in which every possible paranormal entity is (o can be) be real. Demons, zombies, werewolves, ghosts, vampires, fairies… threatens mankind every day, since biblical times.

Some sketches from our Lead Artist, Nunoh, for different visual styles for werewolves or zombies


The only way shield to protect humanity is Lethal Honor, an agency in charge of finding, investigating and destroying them. The executor arm of LH are the agents: modified humans with improved strength, dexterity and intelligence, which use advanced technological gadgets and have supernatural capabilities: telekinesis, pyrokinesis, instant transmission, invisibility, dissapear…

Some concept art about one of the agents: Raven, that is the main character of Lethal Honor: Chronicles, the main game of the franchise

LH was created in the mid 90, but since the dawn of times there have been people that served the same purpose: to save humanity from demons and any other eldritch entities.

LH:Essence is the first video game of the franchise. It is only ONE of dozens of stories, and it serves as a first approach to the universe.

It is an action hack & slash roguelite in 2.5D, with characters and enemies will beautiful, hand drawing art, similar to comics and graphic novels, and 3D scenary with handpainted textures. It will have a dark, obscure atmosphere, with a deep and well-forged story to unravel as the player discovers new events, conversations, bosses and items.

First idle animation. Beware the red eyes!!

Focuses on tactical, slow-paced combat, that combines physical combos and dozens of abilities to deal damage, stun or control the enemies.

Traps, relics, runes, challenges, quests… are some of the secondary mechanics that will be present in the game.

The game is currently at the end of the pre-production phase after 3 months of development, on our way to our first closed preAlpha, a small technical prototype that will feature all main and some secondary┬ámechanics , for the developer team to test ­čÖé

In 2-3 months we want to have an open PreAlpha, so everyone can play the basics of the game and get a feeling of what it may become. The development will continue for at least 1 more year before publishing the game on Steam.

And that’s all for now!!!

We will be posting again next thursday, and start talking about the game development itself: game engine, assets used, general configuration… and tell you more about the team.


Stay tuned!!
Thanks for reading!



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