Lethal Honor: Essence

This Is the latest video for the game, a core concepts preAlpha, with only one enemy, the basic map and a few incidents.

Hope you enjoy it!

The game

Lethal Honor: Essence is an action-adventure hack & slash roguelite with a dark atmosphere and beautiful handpainted 2.5D graphic novel art. The player will be an agent of Lethal Honor, an organization that investigates and destroys the paranormal events all around the world. Features precise, strategical combat against eldritch creatures using melee combat and hundreds of different abilities in a dozen different locations.
The player will wake up as a subject of study in a laboratory swarmed with demons and will need to unveil the mystery that surrounds the place and try to escape… But what lurks outside?


Slow-paced, tactical hack & slash with hundreds of different abilities. Half a dozen different combat styles and weapons!


Roguelike: each run will spawn a new agent with random synergetic abilities. Fourteen different zones, each one will have specific look & feel, enemies, bosses, traps, chests, events, challenges...


Mature, dark and complex story with secrets to unveil. Seven different main characters, each one with its own storyline and events.



Viral Game Studios © 2018

Lethal Honor ® 2018

Lethal Honor: Essence ® 2018

Este es el encabezado

Proyecto ganador del concurso Corporate Playstation de Lanzadera, por el cual se ganó el desarrollo del videojuego en Playstation 4. Lanzadera es una aceleradora e incubadora de empresas privada impulsada por Juan Roig, presidente de Mercadona.